Dan Moran
Excellent fresh seafood tacos, lengua like I love it! California burrito the best. Condiments in abundance with all spice preferences. Brandon very helpful with detailed recommendations. I’ll be back!
Noah G.
So good! These guys are the real deal! High quality food, great flavor and regular prices. We really wanted breakfast and they delivered!
The burrito is pretty good. I like how the burrito is cut in half. The Alpastor burrito has red oil that drips out making it a bit messy though
Drew Hamer
First time to San Diego. I purposely drive to mission beach to have Oscars. I was not impressed. Then I walked across the street to La Perla! Wow! Best fish tacos ever! It was like they went out into the ocean and caught the mahi-mahi themselves and then cooked it up for me. Amazing. So much better than Oscars.
Adrian Drummond
Great food and service. The owner is sincere and off to a great start with a family business. I recommend the appetizer soup with a single shrimp on a chilly day in pacific beach. After the warm appetizer the ceviche is tasty and filled with shrimp 🦐 I also ate the Al Pastor tacos until I couldn’t eat anymore. The Tamarind drink has 140 calories but it is super tasty. I met the owner and his family when i visited the shop and they are great San Diego people.
Vlad K.
There's several options for food on and around Emerald St., I would skip them and go for the fish tacos here. It's the perfect amount of spice, sauce, veggies, and tender fish, every bite is delicious. Parking might be difficult, very friendly staff.
Drew H.
Under new management. New menus. Bomb food. Had the adobada burrito with rice beans and guac. I'll be back for sure
Craig S.
I was recommended this place by a friend while visiting San Diego. He actually recommended #3, but they're closed on Sundays. Anyways, I was glad I got to go to the originals location which was open. I got the California burrito which was delicious and listened to the music Californication while I ate it. The Mexican food here is iconic to Mexico and California life. Ha ha ha. The area around is a busy strip of restaurants and shops. Inside the restaurant is clean and fast with food orders. There is also some seating available outside. Definitely visit this location or their others. Cheers!
Katie Dumaine
The DEFINITION of Mexican comfort food. We so appreciated the kind and friendly employee behind the counter; she was so warm and sweet. The food is simple yet so so effective. Pair it with their amazing salsas, an ice cold Jarritos, and wow. You have got a winner!